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Snow Removal

24 Hour Emergency Services 

During the winter months, snow and ice can become a huge hindrance to businesses and home owners. Tree Care Unlimited is equipped with top of the line equipment to assist with any and all hazard conditions. Our crews are available day and night to help insure your safety on the road and at home.

Why use ice melt? Can I use it?

Property owners have the responsibility to insure their tenants, guests and everyone who visits can safely pass through their property. Any de-icing or anti-icing applications should be strictly used for the clearing of sidewalks, parking lots and other services that promote safe pedestrian and vehicular passage. Although available for purchase, ice melt materials can be considered harmful to the environment, and potentially damaging if dispersed incorrectly. It is important to let professionals apply at the proper time and with the proper equipment.

What about snow storms?

In addition to ice melt application, Tree Care Unlimited is a fully equipped snow plow operation, serving the greater Portland metropolitan area. Our crew members operate with heavy duty snow plow and hopper equipped vehicles. 

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